Speltz Negative Collection

The following photos begin a series which will be published monthly on the Black River Falls Public Library History Room website. The photos are from the Negative Collection of Black River Falls professional photographers Jim Speltz, Betty Speltz Anderson and Jack Anderson. The Collection, located in the History Room, has been made possible with the cooperation and consent of the Speltzs’ sons, Mike and Steve. More information on the Collection is available by contacting Historian Mary I. Woods at m.woods@wrlsweb.org.

Christmas at Twilight
Downtown Black River Falls
December 1954
Neg 938

Night-time Christmas Shopping
Downtown Black River Falls
December 1955
Neg 1178

Christmas Nuptials
Charlene Santala and Larry Gearing
December 1969
Neg K91

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Frank Dalby Residence
Harrison Street, Black River Falls
December 1954
Neg. 929

Downtown BRF all decked out for Christmas
December 1954
Neg. 938

St. Joseph’s Teen Christmas Party
Enjoying some Rock Springs Soda
December 1955
Neg. 981

Archie Harelson Family
Enjoying a Winter Picnic
December 1962
Neg. 1990

The Speltz Family and “Friend”
Jim, Betty, Mike and Steve Speltz and Mr. Snowman
December 1965
Neg. 2417

717 POW Ralph Krueger Homecoming Spet 1953

P.O.W. Ralph Krueger
September 1953
Neg 717