Speltz Negative Collection

The following photos begin a series which will be published monthly on the Black River Falls Public Library History Room website. The photos are from the Negative Collection of Black River Falls professional photographers Jim Speltz, Betty Speltz Anderson and Jack Anderson. The Collection, located in the History Room, has been made possible with the cooperation and consent of the Speltzs’ sons, Mike and Steve. More information on the Collection is available by contacting Historian Mary I. Woods at m.woods@wrlsweb.org.

Black River Memorial Hospital
New Building – Now Celebrating 50 years
February 1968
Neg. 2468

Wilkins’ Buick
Water Street – Downtown Black River Falls
August 1953
Neg. 741

Jackson Florist and Nursery
(Presently Yvonne’s Upholstery Shop)
North Water Street – Black River Falls
Neg. 743

W.R. Arthur Auto Transport Co.
(Presently Scholze’s Ace Hardware)
Hwy. A – Black River Falls
Neg. 858

W. H. Lien  Implement Co.
Hixton WI
August 1955
Neg. 1194

Gambles Store
South Second Street – Black River Falls
Louis Gardipee, Owner
January 1964
Neg. 2071

Anthony’s Department Store
Downtown Black River Falls
George Nighbor, Mgr.
September 1966
Neg. 2363
(Presently PriceLand Hemp)

Larson’s Ready-to-Wear Style Show
Model Verna Arndt
April 1963
Neg. 1983

Millis Bros. Schiltz Beer Distributor
June 1963
Neg 1989

BRF Little League All-Stars
Al Torgerson and Dan Gomer Coaches
July 1963
Neg 1996

BRF City Council Members
Eugene Greenley, Norm Ravnum, William Radcliffe, Mayor Earl Hardy
May 1964
Neg. 2016

Breaking ground for the new Boys’ Camp
Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson
Neg. 2038

Alma Center Strawberry Queen
Pat Lea – June 1963
Neg. 2079

Grand OpeningThunderbird Museum

Grand Opening of Thunderbird Museum
Hatfield WI  — June 1961
Neg. 2151

“Ladies’ “ Parade
Sponsored by the Black River Falls Jaycees
April 1966
Neg 2262