Speltz Negative Collection

The following photos begin a series which will be published monthly on the Black River Falls Public Library History Room website. The photos are from the Negative Collection of Black River Falls professional photographers Jim Speltz, Betty Speltz Anderson and Jack Anderson. The Collection, located in the History Room, has been made possible with the cooperation and consent of the Speltzs’ sons, Mike and Steve. More information on the Collection is available by contacting Historian Mary I. Woods at m.woods@wrlsweb.org.

“Ladies’ “ Parade
Sponsored by the Black River Falls Jaycees
April 1966
Neg 2262

Lincoln High School – Alma Center
Class of 1955 10-year class reunion at Club 12
June 1965
Neg 2297

Al Muth Harley-Davidson
Motorcycle display at Jackson County Bank
Neg 2136

Eagle Scouts
Steve Speltz, Don Janke, Steve Zahrte
January 1965
New 2137

Circus Parade
Downtown Black River Falls
July 1953
Neg 737

Miles-Hagen American Legion
Post 200
July 1956
Neg 1312

Hixton United Methodist Church
Confirmation Class
May 1952
Neg 707

BRFHS Lions’ Honor Banquet
May 1953
Neg 738

Memorial Day Services
Riverside Cemetery
Black River Falls
May 1956
Neg 1309-2

BRFHS Alumni Banquet
May 1965
Neg 2262-2

BRFHS Girls’ Spring Sports
May 1971
Neg L-79-1

Jackson High School, Hixton
Junior Prom 1957
Queen Arlene Dettinger
King Ron Bergerson
Neg E-91

Peterson Chevrolet Colts
Jackson County Little League
July 1964
Neg 2200

BRFHS Junior Prom Court
April 1954

Singing ‘round the piano
Fall Hall Glen
April 1955
Neg. 1109

Grand Opening
Thunderbird Museum, Hatfield
May 1961
Neg 2151

Back Bar of Old Cozy Corner Tavern
Downtown Black River Falls
April 1965
Neg. 2169

Basketball Tournaments
BRF vs. Tomah
March 1953

Grand Opening
David Nash Repair Service
Downtown Black River Falls
April 1953
Neg. 700

BRFHS Track Team
Running Hurdles
May 1953
Neg. 751

Eagle Scouts
Curt Waarvik and Steve Olson
May 1963
Neg. 1987

Alma Center Lincoln High School
Yearbook Staff
Feb 1967
Neg. 2329

Downtown Black River Falls
Decorated for Christmas
December 1954
Neg 938

Banner Journal Newspaper
Celebrating the Holidays
Perry Hull and Marian Hull Lamb, Publishers
Harriet Noble, Editor
December 1954
Neg. 939

Christmas Party at
St. Joseph’s Church
December 1955
Neg 981-1

Pleasant View Elementary
Christmas Program
December 1955
Neg 981-2

Winter at Castle Mound
December 1955
Neg 1174

Waiting for the Christmas Movie
At Falls Theatre
December 1956
Neg 1185

Ho-Chunk Christmas Program
December 1962
Neg 1990-1

Hitting the Slopes
Cindy Pierce and Craig Hanson
Black River Falls
December 1967
Neg 2406

Howard Pierce Christmas Tree
To White House
December 1966
Neg. 2373

Deer Hunting Capitol of Wisconsin
Downtown Black River Falls
November 1966
Negative 2422

Jackson County Hunters
Lined up for hunting permits
Jackson County Courthouse Lawn
November 1968
Neg 2537

Bill Winters’ Hunting Group
December 1953
Negative 805

Mapping out their hunting strategies
With Norm Larkin at Larkins’ Hardware
November 1963
Negative 2091

Hunting Success
Arthur Company Truck Drivers
November 1954
Negative 960

Double Trouble
Brooke and Brian Schneider getting their hair cut
At Howard Pierce’s Barber Shop, Black River Falls
October 1955
Negative 815

Ice Fishing on Lake Arbutus
Hatfield WI  February 1955
Negative 998

Native American Boy Scout Troup
Rev. Mitchell Whiterabbit, leader
Negative 998

Students at Vaudreuil School
Black River Falls – September 1953
Negative 789

“Who ya gonna call?”
The Ground Observation Corps
February 1955
Negative 998


Homecoming Royalty
Queen Sandy Millis and King Walton Priest
Negative 1166-4
October 1955
Negative 1166-2
October 1955
They even had FLOATS way back then
Negative 1166-3
October 1955
We’ll take the cake….and beat Augusta!
Negative 1166-1
October 1955

Meditation Time
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Black River Falls – March 1965
Negative 2230

The Gambles Store Sox
Jackson County Little League
July 1964
Negative 2200

Interior of Dan & Harry’s Clothing
Downtown Black River Falls – 1964
Negative 2148

Job’s Daughters
June 1965
Negative 2261

Swooning over “The Exiles”
Phil Semke, Dick Deno, Dave Picha, Greg Fleming, Kerry Brown
December 1965
Negative 2233

The Old Swimmin’ Hole
Mike Speltz, Marlene Schmidt, Pauline Robinson, Harley Schmidt
Enjoying a summer’s day at the Herb Schmidt Farm, rural Melrose
July 1950
Negative 2458

Black River Falls Little League Team
July 1970
Negative K-279

“Look what drifted ashore!”
Hatfield July 1956
Negative 1281

Merrillan Little League Team
July 1971
Negative L-144

Ted Kuntz Café
Alma Center, WI  1956
Negative 1287

“The Prize Cow”
Jackson County Fair
August 1956
Negative 1324

Black River Falls St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Mary Crowning Ceremony
May 24, 1953
Negative 753

“Boy, this stuff is really good!”
Black River Falls Girl Scout Day Camp
June 1956
Negative 1280

The Brownie Pledge
Black River Falls Girl Scout Jamboree
Negative 1251

“Who’s next for a ‘little off the sides’?”
Howard Pierce’s Barber Shop
Downtown Black River Falls – Sept 1955
Negative 1187

Black River Falls High School Golf Team
May 1971
Negative L-079

Elmo Johnson
Honored in 2000 for playing “Taps” at 1,000 funerals of his comrades.
April 1956
Negative D-644

St. Joseph’s First Communion Class
May 1967
Negative I-395

“Hey, Mike, I wanted to color MY Easter egg blue!”
The Speltz brothers, Mike and Steve
Photo was taken 1956

BRFHS Athletic Banquet 1964

Tiger Cheerleaders: Patty Hagen, Carol Casper, Sue Potter, Jean Rosenberg, Green Bay Packer Jerry Kramer, Mickey Rosenberg, Vicki Anderson, Carla Strozewski

BRFHS Junior Prom 1953
King Foster Wussow
Queen Bonnie Peterson

Black River Falls Elementary School
Kindergarten Class – 1953
Negative #690

Flugstad’s Piggly Wiggly Market
Store owner, Bob Flugstad; meat manager, Merle Peterson; and an unidentified employee Photo was taken April 1955
(Market was in operation from 1945-1968 in downtown Black River Falls in what became the Waarvik Drug Store building)
Negative #1135

Black River Falls Telephone Company Operators
February 1954
Negative #898

“Oh, Boy!  Where are we going?” Melrose High School students
October 1954
Negative 950F

Alma Center Lincoln High School
Junior Prom Court – April 1972
Negative L-500