Speltz Negative Collection

The following photos begin a series which will be published monthly on the Black River Falls Public Library History Room website. The photos are from the Jim and Betty Speltz Negative Collection found in the History Room.
The Collection has been made possible by the cooperation and consent of the Speltzs’ sons, Mike and Steve. More information on the Collection is available by contacting Historian Mary I. Woods at m.woods@wrlsweb.org.

1283 Speltz boys coloring Easter eggs April 1956

“Hey, Mike, I wanted to color MY Easter egg blue!”

The Speltz brothers, Mike and Steve

Photo taken 1956

2015 BRFHS 1964 Athletic Banquet

BRFHS Athletic Banquet 1964

Tiger Cheerleaders: Patty Hagen, Carol Casper, Sue Potter, Jean Rosenberg, Green Bay Packer Jerry Kramer, Mickey Rosenberg, Vicki Anderson, Carla Strozewski

C380 April 1953 BRFHS Junior Prom Foster Wussow Bonnie Peterson

BRFHS Junior Prom 1953

King Foster Wussow

Queen Bonnie Peterson

690 BRF Grade School Kindergarten 1953

Black River Falls Elementary School

Kindergarten Class – 1953

Negative #690

1135 Flugstad Market April 1955

Flugstad’s Piggly Wiggly Market

Store owner, Bob Flugstad; meat manager, Merle Peterson; and an unidentified employee Photo taken April 1955

(Market was in operation from 1945-1968 in downtown Black River Falls in what became the Waarvik Drug Store building)

Negative #1135

Black River Falls Telephone Company Operators
February 1954

Negative #898

“Oh, Boy!  Where are we going?” Melrose High School students
October 1954

Negative 950F

Alma Center Lincoln High School
Junior Prom Court – April 1972

Negative L-500