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The Jackson County History Room has a fine collection of phone books, formerly called a  Telephone Directory.  Today I received the Telephone Directory published in August, 1952.  Back then, numbers were much different, but I think many will remember their number, I do.  My parent’s number was 69-F-2.  These directories have been very useful in helping researchers locate family home addresses and when a family/individual may have lived in the area.  If you think a Directory would be of help to you….stop in at the Black River Falls Public Library-Jackson County History Room. 


Remember reading all those Looking Back articles that were featured in the Banner Journal from late 1989 to 2010 and wondering
where you can find that article?

The Black River Falls Public Library-Jackson County History Room has an index and a copy of the Looking Back articles. There just might be something that you want to review and all it takes is a visit to the
Jackson County History Room


Jackson County Churches

The Jackson County History Room has over 80 files on churches in Jackson County and the surrounding area.  Many of the files contain histories of the churches, locations, and photos.
Also, keep in mind the History Room has cemetery burial indexes to assist you in locating burial locations. Click here for a list of the church files available for your viewing.


Free Family History Library Webinars and Classes 

Treat yourself to a free family history class, or two or three.
The world-renowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, has monthly live webinars. The webinars are free of charge and are taught by staff of the Library. A complete list of Webinars being offered is available by contacting Historian Mary Woods at the
Black River Falls Public Library-Jackson County History Room,
715-284-4112 #3, or by logging into FamilySearch.org.


The Story behind the Speltz Studio Negatives

Click here to read the news article by reporter Cassie Colson, Jackson County Chronicle, which tells the story of how Mary Woods, Jackson County History Room Historian, acquired the former Speltz Studio negatives.

Speltz negatives now available in the History Room.

Click here for a sampling!