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Donations are accepted and much appreciated! The Black River Falls Public Library accepts cash or check. Unfortunately, we are not set up for electronic payment options such as PayPal or credit card transactions. 

Past donations have been used for: 

  • Summer Reading Program
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Audiobooks
  • Events/Programs

2020 –


Children’s Summer Reading Program (Anonymous)

Tammy Peasley (Friends of the Black River Falls Public Library

Cindy Leitz and Rhonda Ammann (Ida Dolesy)

Carol Hornby (Dave & Mary Mack)

Paul Rykken (Carol & Bruce Olson)

Todd Fendt, Patty Harelson, Carol Nortman, David Roou, and Paul Rykken (Nyla Musser)

Friends of the Library  (David & Linda Price)

Black River Falls Public Library (David & Sandra Pistorius, Dr. Michelle Clark-Forsting, Mary Nortman, Stephen & Marie Lowell, Dave Onstad, Elwin & Rosalie Walsted, Alan Powell, David & Linda Price, Black River Falls Cleaning Services, Ryan Selvik)

Debra Kimball (LuAnn Aschenbrenner)

Donald Gutknecht & family, Jennifer Johnson & family, John Gutknecht & family, Kathryn Gjerseth & family, Kristin Merz & family (Albert & Eileen Gutknecht)

Lois Spaulding’s 90th Birthday (Yvonne Richard)

The Following Wonderful People Lost in 2020

Charles Wussow, Foster Wussow, Mary Corlis, Jane Frei, Vernon Gjerseth, Bruce Helbling, Tony Chojnacki, Arlis Bruley, LeRoy Onstad, Arlene Peterson, Bill Gates, Alohoa Peters, Henry Kiel (Dr. Michael Mahan)

2020 –


Lois Murray (Mike & Karen McNulty)

Ray Aschenbrenner (LuAnn Aschenbrenner)

Marvel Schoonover (Ruanne Schoonover)

Ruth Gilbertson Strand (Roxy & Dick Baker)

Donna Odonovich (Molly Meyer, Leslie Ann Bohm, Donald & Charlene Galston, Carol Jarrett, Duane & Bonnie Jarrett family, Sandra Pehler, Lon & Linda Ziehm)

Marge Marg (LuAnn Aschenbrenner, Russell Marg)

Iris Holder (Dave & Mary Mack, Allan & Lois Spaulding, Yvonne Richard, Gerald Kral, the Dickman family, Joanne Holder & family)

Thyra Zirk (Wallen & Regina Capper)

Curt Waarvik (Dick & Roxy Baker)

Tom Peasley (Nancy Oldham, Wallen & Regina Capper)

Kathryn Torgerson (Nancy Oldham, Judy Tulgren, Co-op Credit Union, Alain & Sharon Thompson, Donna Rousey, Michael Brauner, Jean & William Michelson, Wallen & Regina Capper, David & Linda Oreskovich, Mary Peterson, Mark & Jill Clark, Dana & Ray Olson)

Lila Lynne (Jan Falkum, Rodney & Barbara Bruflat, Phil & Nancy Sturlaugson, Wallen & Regina Capper, Mark Wilson & Elaine Halverson, Jonna Bjornebo, Marlys Fie, Dale & Audrey Lommen)

Lillian McManners (Jack & Pat Windsor, Jackson County Retired Teachers Association)

Mary Lent (Wallen & Regina Capper)

John Hagenbrock (Wallen & Regina Capper)

Terri Kenyon (Judy Hunter, Cheryl Gabrielson)

Joanne Holder (Wallen & Regina Capper)

Dr. Richard and Joanne Holder (Mildred Evenson)

Illa Johnson (Wallen & Regina Capper)

Jerry Rhead (Tal & Martha Rhead)

Wallen Capper (Bruce & Ginger Johnson, Regina Capper, Marilyn Ackerson)

Robert E. Doud (MaryLee Doud)

Susan Norton (Luann Aschenbrenner)

Norman Johnson (Regina Capper)

Leota Simonson (Marilyn Ackerson)



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