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Thank you for participating in our 2023 CHILDREN AND TEEN SUMMER READING PROGRAM!

‘All Together Now’

Congratulations to our prize winners: Tate P., Gavin D., Warren P., Beckham F., Zipporah J., and Rachel C.!


why read over the summer?

The reading skills of children decline if they do not read over summer break, similar to playing an instrument, or not playing an instrument for three months. Those that read will be more likely to be on target or ahead of their peers. Studies show that reading skill loss is long-term and cumulative, each year widening the child’s skills gap.


Kids can read a variety of print materials, including comics and magazines that they find interesting, as long as they’re reading during the summer. The National Institute of Health states, “When children become good readers in the early grades, they are more likely to become better learners throughout their school years and beyond.”

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