Circulation of Materials

1. Registration

A. All borrowers must be registered and must have a Windings Rivers Library System library card to borrow materials.
B. Patrons must fill out an application form to register for a new library card. The following statement will be printed on the registration form for the patron’s information and acceptance:
I agree to be responsible for all items borrowed with the library card issued in the above name, including items borrowed with it by others with or without my consent unless I have previously reported the loss of my card. I promise to comply with all library rules and policies, and to give prompt notice of change of address or loss of library card.
C. The Black River Falls Public Library issues Winding River System borrower cards.
D. When applying for a library card, a form of ID and proof of current residence is required.
E. Children may register for a card at the age of 4. For patrons under the age of 16, a Black River Falls Public Library Registration Form must be completed by the parent or guardian giving permission to check out media and to use the computers. A parent must accompany them and apply for the card.
F. Identification required may be a state driver’s license or a state ID. A photo ID and one of the following or two of the following without a photo ID. A checkbook with the name and current address printed on it, a current lease with the name and address on it or a current piece of mail if the envelope has the name and current address and is postmarked within the last 30 days.
G. Types of cards issued are:
1) Permanent cards for people or organizations in the WRLS service area.
2) Permanent cards are available for anyone living in Wisconsin but out of the WRLS service area.
1) Permanent cards are available for out-of-state residents owning property in Wisconsin (must bring a tax bill or proof of property ownership).
2) Temporary cards – 3 month – for people staying at a temporary address.
3) Home Delivery cards available for ‘Library To Go’ recipients with due date for items extended to six weeks.
H. Persons applying for a library card may check out items on the day of application.
I. Library card registration expires after two years and is renewable.

2. Lost or forgotten cards

A. Patrons must present their library card if they wish to check out materials. Lost cards will be replaced with proof of identification. Parental permission is needed for replacement of cards for patrons under sixteen years of age.

3. Loans Periods

A. 3 weeks for books and audio books – unless otherwise indicated
B. Generally, reference books do not circulate. Upon request, some reference materials may be checked out overnight.
C. Interlibrary loans are due the date indicated by the Black River Falls Public Library.
D. Current issues of periodicals do not circulate.
E. Non-current periodicals may be checked out for one week.
F. One week check out for DVDs. Two week checkout for DVD series/seasons.
G. All library items may be renewed three times providing no one else has requested the item.
H. The Director may establish the loan period for small collections, materials that are temporarily in great demand for student’s projects, or materials added to the collection, which are in a new format.
I. There is no limit on the number of items a patron can borrow at one time, with the exception that only 6 DVDs from our collection may be borrowed on the patron’s account.
J. Children’s Library:
Circulation of materials for the children’s library is the same as for the adult library. The following exceptions should be noted.
a. Parents registering their child for a library card should also fill a card out for themselves or have one already on file.

4. Reserves
Reserves may be placed by patrons either in person, over the phone, or on the library online catalog. Patrons will be notified according to their notification preference when the materials are available. There is no charge to the patron for placing a reserve or for interlibrary loan services.

5. Fines and Charges
A. There is a .10 a day fine on all 3 week material. The fine on overnight and 7 day material is .10 a day. There is a $ .50 a day fine on an overdue video or DVD. There is no grace period before a fine is assessed.

1) A first notice is sent 7 days after the material is due.
2) A second notice is sent 21 days after the material is due.
3) A third notice and bill are sent 35 days after the material is due.

B. Patrons who have been sent a bill shall be denied borrowing privileges until those materials are returned or paid for.

C. Patrons having overdue material and/or fines in excess of $10.00 must pay the fines and/or return the overdue material before they can check out additional materials.

D. After 35 days of overdue status and if no attempt by the patron has been made to contact the library, the account will be referred for collection to the City of Black River Falls Police Department. Once the account has been satisfied, the patron will be limited to checking out 1 item at a time for a period of 6 months.

6. Books that have been lost or damaged to the point of replacement will be charged according to the following schedule.

A. Actual replacement cost of the material, if that can be determined. Other replacement cost will be:
1) All adult hardcover = $25.00
2) Paperback nonfiction = $15.00
3) Paperback fiction = $5.00
4) Periodicals = $5.00
5) Children’s fiction = $15.00
6) Children’s nonfiction = $15.00

B. All other materials – replacement cost or if unavailable = $20.00.

C. Fines for damages will be imposed at the discretion of the Library Director. Damage may be from water, heat, torn pages or surface dirt.

7. Confidentiality

A. All records, formal and informal, in the Black River Falls Public Library relating to patron registration and the subsequent circulation by patrons of materials provided by the library are considered to be confidential in nature.

B. In order to prevent an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy, the contents of registration and circulation records shall not be made available to anyone except under the written order of the Library Director, such order having been issued pursuant to a proper legal process, order, or subpoena under the law.

C. Upon receipt of any process, order, or subpoena, the person named and/or served shall immediately report to and consult with the Library Director and the legal counsel of the City of Black River Falls to determine if such process, order, or subpoena is proper and in full compliance with proper legal authority. In the event the legal process fails to sufficiently identify or name in specific terms or specifications the records on file in respect to an identified library patron, the request is considered to be defective and not binding upon the Library and its personnel, except under further due process of law.

D. Any problems or conditions relating to the privacy of a patron through the records of the Black River Falls Public Library which are not specified in the policy statement shall be referred to the Library Director, who after study and consultation with the Library Board and/or legal counsel, shall issue a written decision as to whether to heed the request for information